A few days ago, my neighbor was out with a shovel clearing out a culvert entrance in the ditch next to the road. “It’s going to be 1862 all over again,” he said. “Get your Ark ready.”

About the same time, my brother sent me a note, asking if the “bomb cyclone” was affecting us. “A little,” I said, “but mostly it is hitting northern California.”

Well, the storms have continued and we’re in the crosshairs now. It has rained for two days, with another to come, and more expected at the end of the week. When my neighbors bought their house, the insurance underwriter asked if they were in a flood zone. They said, “If our house washes away, the world has bigger problems.” I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, there are normally cows in this pasture. And it’s normally pasture, not a lake. At least it’s pretty.

Noah’s ark was supposed to be 50 cubits by 30 cubits by 300 cubits. I don’t think I have that much wood, but then, we don’t have elephants and giraffes here, so maybe we can build smaller.