• A worm from Dune? Jabba the Hutt? A sleeping sheep-dog? No, just a big, oddly-shaped cloud, a specialty of this region.

    A long white cloud sits low over a mountain valley.

  • Half an onion after a day on the counter in low humidity.

    Closeup of half an onion.

  • Sometimes our cloudscapes seem to come straight out of video games. I don’t know where this portal goes, but if I could fly I would have found out.

    Low, dark storm clouds form a triangle where light comes through from higher, brighter clouds.

  • Looking north at the storm, a study in pink and blue.

    Storm clouds, lit pink by the setting sun, fill the sky, except for a small patch of blue in the middle of the horizon.

  • The southern edge of the storm.

    Storm clouds stretch towards a distant mountain, but peter out, leaving blue sky in the distance.

  • Storm clouds bouncing along the ground.

    Dark clouds descend in curls towards a hillside of high-desert scrub.

  • I really needed a fish-eye lens for this storm. It was wider and taller than my 16mm (DX).

    Storm clouds rise high above a mountain shoulder.

  • The same storm as yesterday’s post, just a few minutes later. Note the patch of blue. The winds are so strong coming over the ridge, that holes in the clouds keep appearing. That lets the sunset peek through, providing the great lighting.

    Storm clouds sit above a mountain shoulder.

  • Just imagine how the world would change if we had a gene therapy that changed the sound of human snoring to be just like this big cat purring.

  • A wider view of the great storm slug. @gregmoore

    A uniquely shaped cloud looms over a mountain ridge as a squall comes through.

  • I’ve mentioned before that, although I post daily, photographs actually come in bursts. Well, last night, just before sundown, a terrific squall came over the ridge and I get a week’s worth. The wind was strong, the cloud-scapes terrific, and some rain even reached the ground.

    A cloud that kind of looks like a large slug rises over a mountain ridge.

  • The Owens River Gorge.

    A wide valley floor covered in desert sage is cut by a deep wandering canyon.

  • A new #VisualPuzzle with a twist.

    A black elongated batural-looking object.

  • Rain in the valley.

    A road, shiny with fresh rain, curves away towards the shoulder of a mountain. Above, the sky transitions from dark grey rain clouds to more fragmented clouds of increasingly light and varied greys.

  • Mt Tom with a poofy hat.

    A glacially cut triangular mountain is capped by a wedge of fluffy clouds.

  • Striated cloud cover over Long Valley, looking north towards Glass Mountain.

    Grey, streaky clouds stretch out overhead from a low mountain range in the distance.

  • A closeup of Greybear snoozing, for #caturday.

    A close photo of a grey cat with a pink nose, eyes closed.

  • A bluff in Pleasant Valley, made of volcanic tuff, frames a rainstorm on the White Mountains.

    A dark ridge in the foreground has a saddle cut out of it, which frames the misty mountains in the distance.

  • A smoldering sunset off the shoulder of Wheeler Crest.

    Pink clouds float over a mountain's shoulder, lit by last light of day.

  • I think this may be my favorite #VisualPuzzle ever.

    A seeming abstract image with metallic shades of blue, pale salmon, and black.  The black is a blobby shape with some blobs separated from the main.  The colored section is rectangular, with black around the outside.  The right end of the rectangle has rounded corners.

  • A Coopers Hawk in the dead pine. The autofocus didn’t get this quite right. It’s probably time to upgrade. #birds

    A Coopers Hawk sits on the branch of a  dead pine tree, looking around for prey.

  • Rain sliding down the face of Wheeler Crest.

    From dark clouds overhead, rain and mist cover the slope of a mountain at a constant depth, as if it is flowing down the slope.

  • Rainbow’s end.

    The base of a rainbow meets a hillside covered in high-desert scrub.

  • A walk in a local arroyo.

    Blue sky and fluffy white clouds over a deep water-cut gully through high-desert scrub.

  • All kinds of grey.

    Above an behind a brightly lit hillside, the sky is full of clouds of varying shapes and sizes, with varying lighting making them all shades of grey.

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