This year I’ve borrowed an idea from @dejus, a regular visual puzzle posted on Wednesday, dubbed #WhatsItWednesday. Here is my photo for this week.

My version of this game is slightly different than @dejus’, in that his normally has a clear photo of a manufactured object, usually a small part of a larger machine or product which is very recognizable. That’s a fun game, but the puzzles I come up with have a different flavor, generally stemming from physical processes, such as ice freezing. However, obfuscation by narrowing the focus to remove context is a fundamental trick that I use as well. The name also doesn’t quite suit me, so next year I will probably “re-brand” to #VisualPuzzle.

Interestingly, none of my puzzle photos have been landscapes: they are just too recognizable, even when you zoom way in on something. The only photos I know of that could qualify are drone shots, where a pattern we don’t normally see can be hard to place.

I’ve valued the #WhatsItWednesday meme because it makes me look for abstractions in small things. I love the clouds and landscapes, and they are popular with my audience, but having a regular alternative goal acts as a palette cleanser.

The most difficult part of this game is gauging how difficult a photo will be to recognize. Ideally, I’d like to find a “Goldilocks” zone, where nobody gets it at first, but a few hints brings recognition. Alas, Papa and Mama bear dominate.

That said, I think today’s puzzle is going to be easy for people, so I’m providing second one that I figure will be impossible.