Mt Tom in February. This photo jumps out at me from the collection because of the light and contrast. Yesterday’s photo was muted, smooth; this image feels like it could cut.

Partly, that is due to the escarpment that comes down from the peak, the far edge of Elderberry Canyon. I don’t know the geology that formed all that; I have a book near me that might have the answer, but I haven’t looked. Sometimes I want to know what experts have learned about the world around me, the names, history, and workings. Sometimes I like to chew on the problem myself. I find value in doing the work.

I have to pick and choose my challenges, though. The top of Mt Tom is about 10,000’ off the valley floor. It represents an impossible goal. So easy to photograph, so hard to climb. But I like having it there, a reminder that time runs out and some things must be left undone.