Today’s NY Times Spelling Bee pangram was very difficult for me to find. Often, I see an answer within a few seconds. Over Christmas, I’ve been taunting my niece when I can see it and she can’t. Today, she saw it right away; all I saw was made-up pharmeceutical names. Since she is in med school, I sent her my fake drug names and we had fun with the product descriptions.

Central letter: o. Surrounding letters: abilmx.

  • Immobilax: a paralytic combined with a laxative, not a big seller.
  • Labiamoxi: boosts your feminism.
  • Billomax: costs you everything.
  • Bimoxial: makes you twice as feisty.
  • Ambilox: suppresses allergic response to left-handed salmon.
  • Lolamobilix: causes hallucinations of being in a time loop where you have to steal 100000DM in 20 minutes.
  • Molamolabix: turns you into a funny-looking pelagic fish.